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Wando Lugosi DVD SP2

Wando Lugosi DVD SP2

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Wando is a GNU / Linux native to Argentina and Spain . It is based on Debian GNU / Linux and Ubuntu . In its latest version, includes software that allows the user to create a LiveUSB and keep track of the changes. Can also be installed on the PC by two installation types: full or basic, having a complete system and configured in no time.

Lugosi Wando Some features are:
  • Automatic detection of hard disks on your PC , making them available on your desktop with just one click .
  • Good support for printers .
  • Support scanners .
  • Support webcams , including models of intel and genius .
  • Allows access CDROMs , diskettes , with a click on the desktop.
  • Automatic detection of digital cameras , USB flash devices, hot plug .
  • It supports files MSOFFICE and supports file systems of Microsoft Windows ( NTFS and FAT32 ).
  • Boot from pendrive or CD.
  • Specialized for Laptops
  • Support plates Broadcom
  • Support for formats ext4
  • Support for modems ADSL