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OpenIndiana is a robust enterprise operating system, based on the illumos kernel. It is open source, free to use, community developed, and suitable for servers and desktops.
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NOTE: This distro comes on a CD. Please ensure that your system will read from a CD before ordering.

NOTE: This distro is a text based install for servers.

OpenIndiana is an advanced Enterprise OS from the Sun branch of the Unix-like family tree, and as such it can sometimes seem quite complex (over 20 years running important servers can do that to an OS!). But with a little help and information, once you know the basics, you'll find it actually has some of the nicest and friendliest tools around.

Like most Unix-like operating systems it can be completely controlled via a Command Line Interface shell, but it also supports a windowing GUI system.

From the CLI, it supports a number of different shells, the two main ones being ksh93 and Bash. It also supports the original SunOS SVR4 commands, the command and syntax famiilar to BSD users, and a large portion of the GNU userland commands that most Linux users are familiar with. You can select any or all of those different commands from your shell configuration, giving you the environment you are most happy with.

OpenIndiana also has a powerful package manager, IPS, for updating and installing new software. Although powerful, it may seem complicated at first; but, help is provided in these pages. In addition to IPS, OpenIndiana can use SFE and pkgsrc packages, each of which offers a greater selection and/or newer packages than the main IPS has at the moment. They're worth a look if more obscure or cutting edge software is required.

OpenIndiana supports a wide range of popular software, including the main open source internet server software, databases, internet client software, development languages and tools and more. The Popular Software provides some links and notes about some of the community favourites, but many more are supported.

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